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Loving Care Supermarket Cares Disabled Persons

Editor:Sharon Lee
Updated:2008/11/25 9:12:07


     The first loving care supermarket, the Loving Carer "Food King" Supermarket Chain,was launched yesterday morning in Mawangdui,Furong District, Changsha city. This supermarket chain will be Managed by social vulnerable groups and offer commodities with "loving care discount price" for the disabled. 

    This supermarket provides not only the daily necessaries but also preferential policies for the disabled persons and other social vulnerable groups in accordance with related certification. The 22-year-old Xiao was fostered to become the manager of the first loving care supermarket with the help of the Disabled Persons’ Federation of Changsha. 

     As the principal of the Loving Carer Logistics Distribution Co. Ltd. introduced, 60 loving care supermarkets are expected to be set up to provide the disabled persons and laid-off workers with employment opportunities, as well as some preferential and supporting measures by the company.

 红网长沙11月22日讯 (记者 刘怡斌)经营者是残疾人等弱势群体,超市里的商品还有“爱心价”……今天上午,长沙首家残疾人爱心超市——爱心人“食品王”连锁超市落户长沙市芙蓉区马王堆。

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